By following our simple formula...

You'll learn to bundle your services, raise your
fees, increase your confidence, and stop trading time
for money so you finally EARN WHAT YOU YEARN!

Now, I have to warn you, some of the ideas in this
presentation might rub you the wrong way. You might
squirm in your seat as you listen and watch.
But hang in there with me.

And I have to admit, this presentation is aimed at women business owners. But guys, if you're in a service
business, have a good heart and struggle with hard core sales tactics, you need to listen to this too!

My name is Loretta Love Huff, The Dream Leader for Business

I'm happy to be celebrating over 11 years in business & having this year be one of my best years ever!

I'm humbled to have been the recipient of numerous business awards including being named as one of the Phoenix Business Journal's Top Women in Business.

But it wasn't always this way.

You see, I started a coaching practice because I wanted to help people be more move courageously beyond their self-imposed beliefs and EXCEED their dreams.

But in the beginning, I was having a hard time myself even reaching my dreams, let alone exceeding them.

I hated to 'sell' and frankly stunk at it!

I tried everything I could to avoid that four-letter word, but as you might imagine, that didn't work out so well.

If you're in business, you have to sell. Money doesn't just drop into your bank account because you're a good person. But a lot of people, women in particular, delude themselves thinking it will.

So the trick is to get good at sales while still feeling good about the sales process.

And it's just as important to feel good about yourself and your prospective clients as you move through that process.

Well, I've now discovered a formula, a system, that allows all of that to happen. But implementing it requires that you dispel misguided beliefs and adopt new behaviors.


Here’s the problem...

The #1 reason

(women & wise, heart - centered men)

business owners struggle in their businesses ...


Now there are lots of reasons for that.  But none of them are truly legitimate and only serve to
rob those business owners of the impact they are meant to have on the world.

And that means that their intended clients are missing out on the contribution those business owners could be making with them!

Ultimately, the business owners are
sacrificing the very profits they need in order to stay in business and continue to service their communities.

What is it that keeps bank accounts painfully low...

 - They typically undercharge

 - Because of that, they under-earn

 - They give away too much of their time

 - They barter instead of pay for services

 - They we sabotage their success

 - They're fearful of making offers

 - They give away too many free services

 - They charge by the hour

 - They lower their fees at the first sign of resistance

The Downside of all of this is tremendous!

 - Low fees disempower you AND the people you're meant to serve

 - Low fees won't get the attention of truly motivated clients.

 - Low fees won't bring out the best in the clients you do have.


So what are those excuses women

(and many male) business owners use

for not raising their fees

that keep them struggling way too long?

You don't raise your fees because...

...You feel anxious about the reaction you'll get from current clients & don't want to risk offending them.

...You keep comparing your fees to everyone else's then settling on a number that doesn't look 'too high'

...You worry that the current 'economic climate' won't support higher fees

...You believe that taking less is better that not getting a new client at all

...You don't want to appear greedy or 'only in it for the money'

...You feel embarrassed or uncomfortable talking about what you charge

...You keep telling yourself you need to wait until you get more experience or more clients first (even though your clients rave about you!)

...You discount your fees when you really like someone and want to help them

...You overload your packages or programs leaving you exhausted and your clients appreciative...but overwhelmed


Did you resonate with any of those?

Here are the 3 myths that keep you stuck in the low-price trap



MYTH #1 The masculine 'just get over it' approach always works
TRUTH You're sensitive not only to what your clients want but also to what works for them. This means your 'sales' methods have to line up with your values, otherwise - you won't feel good about making the deal.


MYTH #2 If I'm new in my field, I have to charge less than market rates.
TRUTH You can still charge more. You're probably a lifelong learner and ALREADY KNOW PLENTY. You'll always be learning. Waiting until you know more will just be a waste of time and a loss of money.


MYTH #3 Charging what I'm worth will be really hard to
learn...and do
TRUTH It isn't hard! I'm ready to share with you a simple system that ANYONE can follow (even you) especially if you don't like talking about money!

You can do this!

Let me assure you that you CAN learn how to price your services so you feel great about what you're receiving  - AND your clients know they are getting a great value.

I've been in business over 11 years and in the past, suffered myself from a lot of the issues I've shared with you today.

Even though I've taken loads of classes and read tons of books, it wasn't until recently that I discovered a  system that is SO simple, I know you'll be able to put
it to use and benefit immediately.

A rare, LIVE full-day workshop

Friday, September 30

In this innovative workshop, here's just a sampling of what you'll learn...

How to instantly make 20 - 40% or more - than you do right now
How to raise your fees for your current clients (without offending or possibly losing them)
How to handle tough situations with grace and confidence - like when you're asked 'How much to you charge?' This keeps YOU in the driver's seat (so you don't give away too much too soon)
How to let your prospective clients create their own ROI (return on investment) reasons for hiring you (do this and they'll convince themselves to say 'YES!'
How to avoid having to justify your fee (and quit giving away your power or diminishing the value of your offer.
Which questions will magically motivate your client to say 'YES!' instead of 'Let me think about that'
How to confidently quote your fee (and never again worry that it's too much)
Why being 'expensive' makes you more desirable (even if you don't have years of experience or lots of clients yet)
What to NEVER put in your proposals (and why it's such a deal breaker)
How to give a fool-proof guarantee that gives your clients peace of mind (and makes it easy for them to spend their money with you) without promising more than you can live up to
Whether putting your fees on your website will help or harm your business - and why!
How to nip self-doubt in the bud and banish your 'what to charge' worries once and for all
What specific questions will get your clients to tell you what they REALLY want and will pay for (Hint: miss these questions and you'll continue to play the dreaded waiting game with your prospective clients)
3 simple ways to know if you're charging enough (and what to do about it if you're not)
Why charging what everyone else does means you're leaving a ton of money on the table (instead of having & enjoying it yourself)
The ONE question you MUST start asking your clients right now (skip this and you'll forever be disappointed with what you earn)
How to powerfully and effortlessly present the nitty- gritty of your services so your benefits sell themselves.
How to turn your traditional time-based services into powerful, lucrative packages that bring in tons more money without adding one little bit to your workload (this topic alone is easily worth 10 timesthe modest investment in this workshop)
The perfect time to bring up the topic of price (and exactly what to say if your client asks what your fee is too soon - you'll love how respectful and powerful this word-for-word script is!)


"33% increase in funding"



“In just one session, I got insight into a new direction for my project!  As a result, I connected with resources that helped me launch my pilot TV show with real ‘sizzle’.  Since working with Loretta, I experienced a 33% increase in funding sources and I’m now set to republish my book.”

- Dr. Lillie Coley



 "The confidence to go for - and demand - what I want"



Loretta helped me focus in on what I’m really good at and gave me the confidence to go for – and demand – what I want.

Penni Lester



So you're probably wondering, "What is the investment?" right?

Well, before I decided, I discussed that very question to my Mastermind group this week.

One of our newest members suggested $1,297- citing the importance of consistency with the topic of the program...charging what you're worth.

(I had actually had a similar thought myself)

And I know that with the information and transformation I'll be providing, it will be totally worth that to you!

But I opted not to go that route because I want to get this information and transformation into as many hands, hearts, and minds as I possibly can.

Then another member suggested $497.

And that price would be more than reasonable.( Heck! You might have even thought about that price point yourself).


Just think about what will happen to your bottom line when you're able to confidently and ethically raise your rates.

Imagine.. one new client, especially at your new pricing structure, would likely allow you to recoup your investment right away, right?

(If not, you really need to be in this program and raise your rates right now.!)

So you should be relieved to know that the investment in your business on this program will only be $397..



Plus, I'm offering
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But don't dally because that early-bird pricing won't
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"You are by far the best presenter we’ve ever had!"

I almost didn’t come to the conference because it looked like it was geared to business owners.  While your topic was business focused, the information you shared was applicable to a broad audience.  And it almost made me want to start a business! 

- Joyce Barden


"Confidence to Charge What I'm Worth!"


"I learned a great deal about marketing and got very clear on the aspects that I needed to focus on, in a way that I never had before.  Half way through, my goal shifted as I realized the path I was pursuing was not likely to lead to the clients who could pay what I now charge as a result of being in this program."

Pauline Sandell


Professional Coach





Just $397


Wait! There's more

Bonus #1

I'm including a nutritious and tasty lunch so we can spend our time connecting, networking, learning, growing and implementing!


Bonus #2





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Charge What You're Worth...and Get It!

Here's the thing...
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Grab your seat TODAY while they're still available!


Are you afraid you can't afford to do this?
If that's your concern, you can't afford not to do this!


Too busy to break away for a day?
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Are you worried about what your friends will think?
Start doing what I'll teach you and your friends will actually be envious!


Are you ready to step-up to a higher level of profitability?


Join us and learn how to earn what you yearn.





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I want to see YOU on the 30th!


My Personal
"Your Happiness is Guaranteed" Guarantee

I want you to be MORE than satisfied with How to Charge What You're Worth...And Get It!, and if for some reason you aren't then I want to make sure you end up happy.

If this course doesn't meet your expectations, just let me know within 30 days of your purchase and you'll receive a full refund within 30 days.

You have my personal word on it!