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Every year, between Christmas and the New Year, my tradition has been to purge my office of unnecessary files and papers and then spend a day listening to classical music while working on my business plan for the year.

Last year, it didn’t happen. Apparently, I needed a break. I must have been exhausted. There were several nights, I’m embarrassed to say, when I’d be preparing to go to bed and I realized I STILL had my pajamas on. Hmmm.

So this last week (finally), I’ve started my ‘cleanse’, thinning out the library of books I’ve amassed, home study programs I purchased over the years and stacks of papers I no longer need or needed to scan, etc.

Think&GrowRichCoverI also started spending 30 minutes every day on the treadmill while reading the unabridged version of Think and Grow Rich in the Amazon app on my tablet.

I bought and read a paperback version decades ago. The pages and binding are so brown and fragile now though, I’d probably damage it if read it now. Reading it lit a fire in my belly about and rekindled desires and ambitions I’d let fade away.

In the freed up mental and emotional space, I finally started working on my business plan. I came up with a concept that rocked me:“Spiritual, Principled Leadership in Business”. Right now, there’s no specific program behind it. Just ideas I’ve been learning and implementing. Ideas and concepts I realized, that are who I am and what I’m about now.

They apply to entrepreneurs and corporate/nonprofit leaders as well.

Several days into the treadmill and reading regimen while continuing the process of thinning my library, I came across not one, but two journals I’d written decades ago. One was started during the separation from my first husband in the early 80s and the reunion with the biological father and his family I’d never known.

The second was launched during the waning days of my second marriage at the turn of the century. Both journals detailed emotional highs and lows I’d long since forgotten about…and reinforced how grateful I am for my marriage today.

One of the entries in the 1st journal included notes after a session with a yoga instructor and “Urban Shaman” I worked with back in Chicago around 1980. My first encounter with him was with him as a guest practitioner at a yoga class my Aunt Becky taught at the downtown YMCA in Chicago. It was an amazing, life-altering experience, too “out there” to detail here, but out of which I made several key decisions which put my feet on very positive path.

So imagine my shock when, as I was reading a note I’d written and stuck in journal #1 that said, in part, “…I’ve gathered up all my forces and will deal with life as it comes. I will integrate business and spiritual to advantage…”

I did a double take! “Isn’t that what I just wrote down, then typed up and put on my wall the other day?” and indeed, it was!



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