“400% improvement on feedback scores”


I interviewed a couple of Executive Coaches before selecting Loretta and chose her because it just seemed to be a great fit. In my initial interview, Loretta was already stating what I could be thinking about to improve my situation. Prior to hiring her, the management scores I received from my employees placed me in the bottom 19th percentile of all Partners. 

I found Loretta to be very practical, and easy to work with. In less than a year, she helped me improve on 35 of the 36 measures and achieve a 400% improvement, placing me in the 81st% percentile! My staff now feels valued and I have found that their respect for me, as a leader and as a colleague, has grown. 

Sam F. Partner, Big 4 public accounting firm

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"Multi-million Dollar Contracts!"


My company has grown a great deal since working with you! We now have bigger clients and projects, some even million dollar projects

We implemented several of the key “Whale Hunting” concepts and have since landed projects with AZ DES, Charles Schwab, Attorney General’s Office, the Federal Reserve, Harley Davidson, Honor Health, Abrazo Healthcare, Dignity Health leading to several multi-million dollar contracts.

I just want to say “Thank you!” 

Ginger Clayton

"....Instead, We Rocked!



“Instead, we rocked!”

“Things were beginning  to slip through the cracks. One of the things that was most valuable for me   was getting everyone in the office together to discuss our roles and work   flow. Loretta helped us refine our processes and keep better track of our   expenses and production.  Her objective, outside perspective helped us   identify what was really important for the company's success.  I heard  things from my team in those meetings that had never come to the surface   before and we were able to take action on them.  

"We’re running  more smoothly now. I’ve let go of many of the tasks I had been  performing and can now take a more strategic focus of the whole company. We’ve booked twice as much revenue in the 1st half of the year as vs the 1st half of last year and already have contracts that will yield twice as  much revenue for the 2nd half of the year. We might have had this growth anyway, but without Loretta's guidance, we would have looked like complete  idiots! 

Instead, we rocked!”

Greg MacLiver

All Things Metal, LLC

Loretta Is An Important Member of My Trusted Advisor Team!


"I was initially skeptical when my boss presented our team with the opportunity to work with a coach. None of us felt like we had the time for this. 

The first time I spoke with Loretta, however, I felt at ease. Loretta exudes calmness, acceptance and respect. Over time, Loretta became my Trusted Advisor. Now, I feel she's an important member of my person Board of Advisors and consider my time with her to be a priority. Coaching is a commitment to me.

Sometimes, I hope she doesn't remember some of the things I said I committed to, but it helps me stay on track."

Kimberly Washington Barr

Director, PricewaterhouseCoopers

You Changed My Life!


In just one day, I completed my entire week's worth of business. Once I put my foot in the water, the ripple just turned into a tidal wave!

My phone started ringing, people were calling me back and great opportunities were put in my path!

Within 6 weeks, I:

  • Reached 139% of my team's sales goal
  • Produced a 400% increase in my recruiting efforts
  • Got promoted, even though I hadn't set that as a goal.

Kelly Boyd

DoTerra Elite