Ramp Up Your Revenue with Referrals


5 Simple Steps to More Revenue

This downloadable course walks you through EXACTLY what it takes to increase your revenue with referrals! JUST $147.00

I'll hold your hand and walk you through this highly effective process! 

You'll learn:

 -  How to identify the potential partners who are most likely to send you the most profitable referrals. 

 - What to say to them to have them introduce you to your perfect prospects. 

- What to say when you first meet your perfect prospects so they welcome your help. 

- How to keep those referrals rolling in so your revenue keeps rolling up!

Leadership skils and business consulting for improved business performance


Leadership without Limits: Inspiring the Best in Yourself, Your People and Your Organization

This easy to read book is based on the concept of Transformational Leadership. and are illuminated by fascinating stories of real life leaders who were able to transform their organizations through their leadership abilities, overcoming serious obstacles and challenges and increasing the value of their organizations.

Praise for the book

This is a blazingly fast read, filled to the brim with easy-to-execute ideas on getting things done through the efforts of others.

Eileen McDargh, President McDargh Communications. 

Ranked by Executive Excellence Magazine as one of the top 100 experts in leadership development.

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Leadership without Limits is a book all leaders should have in their top desk drawers. Whenever you are in questions about what to do, you can open the book and find the answer. It is a practical primer to success: a "person coach" available when you need it most.

Dr. Marcia Reynolds, organizational psychologist and author of Outsmart Your Brain! How to Make Success Feel Easy.

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Leaders are people we follow because we want  to, not because we have to. Loretta has created a map that any leader can benefit from. I wish I had had a guide like this when I began my journey - you can bet I will keep it handy now!

Joan Koerber-Walker, CEO, Arizona Small Business Associations (ASBA) 

Chairman, CorePurpose, Inc.

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 Leadership without Limits is a thought-provoking book that challenges you to break through your own self-imposed limits. It teaches you how to connect with and engage others in a meaningful way that catalyzes committed action. 

Robert W. Burghart, MBA, CIMA®

Senior Vice President - Investments

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1. The Importance of Values

2. Clarifying your Vision

3. Assessing the Current State of Affairs

4. Building Credibility

5. Garner Support for the Vision

6. Lay out the Roadmap

7. Gather Support for the Roadmap

8. Execute!

9. Overcome Roadblocks

10. Cross the Finish Line: Celebrate

11. Do it Even Better Next Time

12. Tell the Story: Institutionalize What's Been Learned Throughout

Epilogue: Create a New Vision


Q: Is it a paperback or hard cover?

A. Paperback business consulting

Q. Who is it most suitable for?

A. The book is designed for people who are already in leadership roles, but will be very helpful to those aspiring to leadership.

Q. How do I get my hands on a copy? 

A. You can order it right here.  There should and Order Now button just below. It will get shipped directly to you!

6 Keys for Dissolving Disputes:

When "Off with their heads!" Won't Work

6 Keys for Dissolving Disputes: When 'Off with their Heads!' Won't Work presents an overview of conflict resolution strategies as well as 6 simple tactics for getting past upsets and conflicts in life and at work.  Through sometimes hilarious and touching stories, readers are guided to reflect on, and devise strategies to deal with, their own disputes by utilizing a more collaborative, problem-solving approach. An easy read at just 64 pages!

SEE CHAPTER TITLES BELOW                                                        




People Are Different

That one statement is the source of most conflict! Unfortunately, most people like people who are like them! This chapter explains the differences and provides some options for understanding, tolerating and living/working with them. Learn how we differ and how to adjust.

Sources of Conflict

Conflict arises from a number of sources: incompatible goals, lack of information, personality differences, shared or scarce resources, etc.

5 Styles of Responding to Conflict

This chapter helps you understand where our nemesis is coming from and how to deal with them. You'll learn how to position your requests so they can be heard and acted upon.

6 Keys to the Kingdom of Peace

This section provides 6 effective, specific things YOU can do to get past the upsets in your life.  It even provides actual words to use to work through the upset and get to a peaceful resolution.

A tiny investment of just $14.95 (+S/H & tax) will bring WAY more peace to your life!


Q: Is this filled with complex strategies?

A. No, the ideas provided are clear and simple..They do require some courage though!