Fundamental Belief


We all have more options than we generally see and more control than we take.



Every person comes into life with their own unique set of skills, abilities and gifts. My vision is that each person recognizes their unique gifts and expresses them in pursuit of their highest sense of fulfillment, accomplishment and destiny. Further, that organizations honor the gifts of their employees as they pursue lofty and compelling business goals. This, then results in a environment of empowered, fulfilled employees and higher profits for the company.

The Magic of Accountability


Accountability makes magic happen. When you're held accountable for making progress on your dreams, it opens the door for a life of purpose, fulfillment and prosperity.

Effective Teamwork


Is your office environment collaborative or competitive? Are team members 'working on all 8 cylinders toward the right goals or throwing monkey wrenches in the works? Loretta is a strong proponent of collaboration and can guide groups through their challenges toward productive outcomes.

Increased productivity


Removing obstacles, empowering staff  and enhancing leadership skills, leads to increased productivity.

Creativity + Collaboration = Cash


Amazing things happen when engaged employees are empowered to brainstorm and solve problems. Loyalty improves, turnover decreases, profits rise.